Board of Directors

Coiling the array

Cetos Research Organization looks to our Board frequently for our growth and for our decision making. We have modified our Board over the years since we first incorporated to better meet our needs; we have both an operating Board to assist with day to day business, fundraising, and operating decisions, and we have developed a Scientific Advisory Board, to help and guide us with our scientific endeavors and goals. These two facets comprise our Board and form the Cetos governance. In addition we have a collection of close friends, peers, and advisors who give us input.

Overall the Board brings a variety of talented, committed individuals to Cetos from all over the country. The members of our Board bring a breadth of experience to bear to our work and to our endeavors. Our members collectively have extensive scientific background, sharp business acumen, current marketing knowledge, and more. Taken as a whole, our Board helps us keep an eye on our overriding raison d'Ítre: awareness of the issues facing marine life today, and the desire to contribute to the conservation efforts for threatened and endangered species.

Hawai Whale 2005

Our Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

Dennis Kearney

Executive Director
Ann Zoidis

Jim Mason

Board Members
Linnette Erhart, Alexis Papahadjopoulos, Jackie Dennis

Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Pam Neubert, Dr. Carol Spencer, Dan Dendanto, Dr. Tom Jefferson,
Dr. Alejandro Acevedo, Dr. Sarah Mesnick

Friends and Guides of Cetos Research Organization
Dr. Steve Katona, Andrea Jesse, Chris Giorni, Peter Tadd