Our Non-Profit (501c3) Work

Since our start in 2003, Cetos Research Organization has completed a wide variety of many successful studies, publications, reports, and surveys. We are growing all the time. We have new studies on new species, in new locations, with an ever growing staff. We have partnered with many successful and published researchers and have taught new biologists how to do field work. Pulling in an the array The data from our various projects has, to date, resulted in at least four published (peer-reviewed) scientific papers that we are first authors or co-author on (with a 5th having just been submitted).

Cetos scientists have presented at scores of conferences over the years, not only at the Marine Mammal Society meetings but also at many other professional meetings (acoustic meetings, ocean sciences meetings, even meetings on music since some of our work involves sounds).

We completed three successful deep-water offshore acoustic and/or visual survey projects and our Hawaiian humpback whale studies have been ongoing since 2001. These are just some of the milestones - we have supported and facilitated studiess on the vaquita and the minke whale. We have collaborated with many colleagues and/or respected scientists. We were featured on the Discovery Channel, have given presentations and talks at scientific meetings as well as in public venues, and we have some novel enterprises including the first of their kind whale chocolates.

Since 2008, we have supported elementary school programs for young children, working with partners to give school children outreach and outdoor education so that they can have an opportunity, in some cases for the first time in their lives, to encounter wildlife and to be in natural habitat. And there is much much more.

To see a short list of our recent or pending work, please refer to the Cetos Recent News on the home page.