Cetos LLC


Cetos small boat

We spun off part of our programs several years ago into an independent business arm which is completely separate and apart from the non-profit work. Cetos LLC is registered in the Federal Agency Registration database and has both a Central Contractor Registration (CCR) number and a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.

The business arm is eligible for federal contracts and focuses on environmental monitoring, mitigation, and documentation including NEPA documents (EAs, EIS, BA, etc.). We have contracted work with Federal agencies including the US Coast Guard and some Naval facilities. These and other government agencies (such as NOAA or the National Marine Sanctuaries) work at sea and interact with marine wildlife nationally and globally in coastal and offshore waters. We work directly with them to assess potential impacts. Our goal of working to minimize potential disturbances to marine wildlife is met partially out of our work on federal projects.