Cetos Research LLC Surveys & Environmental Work

Hawaii 2007Cetos LLC has performed 3 vessel based monitoring surveys to date. We run the surveys from start to finish; we set up all logistics including vessel charters, arrange the team of trained marine mammal observers (MMOs), write and submit study designs in advance, and we follow up after the survey with detailed reports, some of which have led to peer reviewed publications. Our 3 offshore surveys were in waters between Kauai and Niihau, in waters between Maui and the Big Island , and the east side of the Big Island, and in the waters between Oahu and Molokai.

Our experienced scientists are trained in survey techniques, (visual and/or acoustic), mitigation and monitoring protocols, species identification, and are familiar with the requirements of environmental documentation, knowledgeable with regard to natural resource laws, NEPA, ESA and MMPA consultations, etc. We can provide supporting documents, perform environmental analyses, etc. Please contact us at (207) 266-6252 to discuss what services we can provide.

LM Aerial Searcher

Our first survey yielded new (previously unknown) locations for minke whales in Hawaiian waters, resulting in a publication (Pacific Science, Vol. 61). Two of our recent surveys, in addition to providing additional new sighting data for whales in previously unknown locations, were done in conjunction with U.S. Navy training exercises occurring in Hawaiian waters. Our MMOs successfully gathered data and assessed potential marine mammal reactions in real time. These surveys are in compliance with NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion documents. Marine mammal sightings recorded during surveys and findings, along with Cetosís recommendations for future work were compiled in reports. These reports are not currently publicly available; however, our recommendations have been utilized in subsequent Monitoring Plans and findings will be available in the near future. Survey vessels include the R/V Dariabar or M/V Searcher. (see photo above).

Hawaii 2007

Photos by J.Jacobson & L. Mazzuca